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Awesome theme

the cartoon was good and all but that theme song just blew me away!

NoComicsComics responds:

Hehe, glad you got to see the cartoon. I'll tell you what, the theme is my favorite part of the series.

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Love to see people doing awesome things with FM8! The jumpy/plucky synth at the beginning is really nice, very full of energy gets the song off to a great start. So many of the sounds are great actually, it sounds like you switch between two different snare drums and I like one of them a lot, its nice and crunchy. The "GO" at 0:28 obviously is killer. I lovvve what almost sounds like birds chirping at 1:34. Did you make that in fm8? The lead instrument at 2:40 also very smooth. I mean you use that reverby violin sound all throughout the song but for some reason to me it sounds especially nice at that moment.

I can't comment on the mix too much cause I'm listening this on crappy laptop speakers, but it seems you make full use of frequency range and the mix sounds not too muddy and things seem quite clear overall.

I would say the melodies and chords are just a touch generic. But again, I think you make up for that a lot with how interesting your sounds are.

I almost feel this could be in the background for an endless runner type game? It just seems like less of something that demands your attention and more like something that could be in the background of a movie or a game. Thats probably due to the repetitive nature of the song.

Overall I really like it. I'm glad you decided to spend time polishing the song, it definitely showed through.

Felocai responds:

Wow, thats a nice review, thanks.
The sound at 1:34 is not any kind of plugin, its just a sample of singing birds I've downloaded from the internet.
The melodies may sound kinda childish and generic, but that's an effect, that I've wanted to get, I've wanted this song to be extremely happy, but I get your point.
Olso when I was making this song, I've wanted it to be like a soundtrack from something, so it may be a little repetitive, but I see you understand this.
Anyways, thanks for rewieving and I'm really glad you like it.

Very nice!

I think you're very talented and this song shows it. I particularly like the orchestration, even when the melody repeats a couple lines I feel like instruments are always finding new things to do. I could learn a few things from you. Keep making awesome music!

Deemo-R responds:

Thanks Octo, that means a lot to me! I very much enjoy your stuff and think I could probably learn more from you than you could from me, hehe. I'll certainly keep making stuff! :3

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