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Cloud Chaser Cloud Chaser

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Love to see people doing awesome things with FM8! The jumpy/plucky synth at the beginning is really nice, very full of energy gets the song off to a great start. So many of the sounds are great actually, it sounds like you switch between two different snare drums and I like one of them a lot, its nice and crunchy. The "GO" at 0:28 obviously is killer. I lovvve what almost sounds like birds chirping at 1:34. Did you make that in fm8? The lead instrument at 2:40 also very smooth. I mean you use that reverby violin sound all throughout the song but for some reason to me it sounds especially nice at that moment.

I can't comment on the mix too much cause I'm listening this on crappy laptop speakers, but it seems you make full use of frequency range and the mix sounds not too muddy and things seem quite clear overall.

I would say the melodies and chords are just a touch generic. But again, I think you make up for that a lot with how interesting your sounds are.

I almost feel this could be in the background for an endless runner type game? It just seems like less of something that demands your attention and more like something that could be in the background of a movie or a game. Thats probably due to the repetitive nature of the song.

Overall I really like it. I'm glad you decided to spend time polishing the song, it definitely showed through.

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Felocai responds:

Wow, thats a nice review, thanks.
The sound at 1:34 is not any kind of plugin, its just a sample of singing birds I've downloaded from the internet.
The melodies may sound kinda childish and generic, but that's an effect, that I've wanted to get, I've wanted this song to be extremely happy, but I get your point.
Olso when I was making this song, I've wanted it to be like a soundtrack from something, so it may be a little repetitive, but I see you understand this.
Anyways, thanks for rewieving and I'm really glad you like it.

NGADM 2015 Submission (WIP) NGADM 2015 Submission (WIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice!

Small Steps Small Steps

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think you're very talented and this song shows it. I particularly like the orchestration, even when the melody repeats a couple lines I feel like instruments are always finding new things to do. I could learn a few things from you. Keep making awesome music!

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Deemo-R responds:

Thanks Octo, that means a lot to me! I very much enjoy your stuff and think I could probably learn more from you than you could from me, hehe. I'll certainly keep making stuff! :3

Reggae Loop - 1 love Reggae Loop - 1 love

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey not too bad guy, I could totally see this working in a game setting. Its not distracting and could totally fit in the background of a menu screen or something. Its nice.

TTCM - Rise and fall. TTCM - Rise and fall.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What virtual instruments do you use? I love em! They remind me so much of FFVII instruments. The song is very impressive. I have no trouble visualizing this in a game accompanying the story you're telling. Good Job!

Calamaistr responds:

Tbh i putted this in the game section because its not pure classical, its the closest to game music but its really a 'score', like a soundtrack, theres no pure section for that.

It could be game if it had to be i suppose but its meant as a movie more i suppose.

The instruments i use are of the SGM-V2 pack.
All high fidelity classical instrumentation, i tend to tweak them alot.

thanks for your review.

Session Session

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its pretty boss, has variety to it, more importantly it sounds full and loud. I'll give it 4 stars just cause its so short and only a drop, but I'm sure a full version of this would get 5 from me.

Keep it up man!

ChickenTechno responds:

Thanks man! I haven't made anything like this in awhile because fl studio would flip out if I only had two nl massive plugins being used in the track. This one I pretty much did without drums first, and then I'd bounce it down to a sound file. I already have the full track under way. Once again thank you for the comment. I like to see what others say about the track; it sort of helps me in a way. : )

Strong AL Strong AL

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That's really impressive for 2 weeks. The song's got a good pace to it. That's all I got. Keep it up!

Future In Front Of You Future In Front Of You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The sounds are all magical, like I hate how much I can't even begin to dissect what I'm hearing, but its beautiful. It's got that classic ZipZipper glitchy snappiness to it, which is always nice. There's no real melody to it though which is fine, thats not what you're goin for, it just something personally I crave but I can certainly respect what you're doin. It sounds damn fine. Good job as always!

ZipZipper responds:

I actually crave melodies a lot too, but you obviously see that that wasn't necessarily the point here thanks love! <3

Puzzlandria Puzzlandria

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yeah, I can't tell you how much you perfectly nailed that Metroidesque vibe. Has a very nice atmospheric sound, and there's a lot of detail and plenty going on that I think it really doesn't get repetitive. The beat at 2:10 is very nice, I wish it was just a tide wider, and maybe also a little lighter, I don't know. I guess you don't really want to call attention to anything in your song. The piece also grows in a very organic way, like I said, what you were attempting to do, it seems you did exceptionally. I am totally exploring dark space caves listening to this. Maybe this wasn't intentional, but it also seems to be lacking in the higher frequencies making it perfectly suited to be accompanied by a game's sound effects. And it loops like a dream, what more could you ask for. So yeah, 5/5, Also I scouted you and Fan'd you. Keep doin good work.

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Deemo-R responds:

Oh man, I don't know why I took so long to respond to this! I actually thought I did at one point, heh... ^^;

Thanks so much, man! I'm glad you thought it did the Metroid vibe justice! Actually, the lack of higher frequencies wasn't me predicting the need for SFX; I worked on it to the SFX of a game, so that came basically as a result of that. xD

I'll make sure to take your thoughts into account if I ever update this song, because I was thinking maybe the drums could use a bit of fine tuning, as well. I feel a bit dumb for asking the question, but what exactly do you mean by "wider"? Varied, panned a bit further, or something else?

By the way, thanks so much for the scout! <3

Persona 1632 Persona 1632

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I've always said there isn't enough psychadelic space dub funk, way to step up to the plate chief. For real though very good sound, love the speach, love the synth at 1:28. I'd prefer if the snare had more of a presence but hey thats just me. And I felt the singing vocals were just a little too far in the back. But the beat felt alive, and you had a nice use of space type sounds.

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Tzarnaz responds:

haha, thank you so much for the feedback! you're absolutely right about the snare, thanks. this is a new genre to me, but I had so much fun making this song - expect more stuff like this! :)